1880s Historical Reenactor

1880s Historical Reenactor

Old West, Bat Masterson,
 Dodge City, Tombstone,
 Ft. Worth, cowboy reenactor

About Me

I began 1880 cowboy reenacting in 1994, in Ft. Worth, TX with a group, Legends of Texas. 

I was mainly a cowboy and just learning what the 1880s was about and how to dress the part properly; after watching the TV/movie westerns of the 50s/60s. 

In 1995, I joined Old Dallas Gunfighters and Reenactment Society,  later named Old Dallas Shootist. It was here that I took on the persona of  Bat Masterson and my hobby became a compassion.  I obtained the book Bat Masterson, the Man The Legend, written by Robert K. DeArment and read it cover to cover.  I have spoke with him on several occasions concerning intricate details of Bat's life or wardrobe.   

I have been fortunate to portray Bat,  in such places as Tombstone, and Old Tucson Movie Studios, AZ;  Dodge City and Olethea, KS;  Cheyenne and Laramie, WY; Ft. Smith and Silom Springs, AR and of course Ft. Worth, TX area. 

I  have worked on improving my persona as Bat, also a cowboy drover, a SW Texian and Bat's friend, Luke Short.  I am working to improve my Faro knowledge and teach those interested  the most popular game of the Old West. 



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