1880s Historical Reenactor

1880s Historical Reenactor

Old West, Bat Masterson,
 Dodge City, Tombstone,
 Ft. Worth, cowboy reenactor


March 5, 6, 7- Ft Clark Days,  Fort Clark Springs, Highway 90, Brackettville, TX 78832

Bat will be demonstrating Faro and Old West gambling games

April 24, 25- Mission Tejas Folk Festival, Mission Tejas State Park 19343 State Highway 21 East, Grapeland, Texas 75844
Bat will be demonstrating Faro and other Old West Gambling games

April 30 May 1-3, Cowboy Jubilee- Ft  Concho, San Angelo, TX

Bat will be demonstrating Faro and other Old west Gambling games

Due to the COVID virus, Bat's scheduled events have been placed on hold until further notice. I regret any inconvenience this has caused and hopefully next year will be a better year.

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