1880s Historical Reenactor

1880s Historical Reenactor

Old West, Bat Masterson,
 Dodge City, Tombstone,
 Ft. Worth, cowboy reenactor

N. Ft. Worth Historical Society 13 Aug 2015

Join us on August 13th at 7pm for the NFWHS Meeting.

Our special guest is Jerry Eastman aka Bat Masterson

Since 1993, Jerry Eastman has been involved with historical 1880's reenacting and melodrama, performing in several street skits as various Old West characters and living history settings.  He has portrayed Wm. B. “Bat” Masterson in various places across the west including Lubbock, TX, Tombstone, AZ, Dodge City, KS, as well as the Ft. Worth area.  

Jerry has presented Bat for the Westlake Historical Society and was sought out by Castle Productions to be a Bat Historian for the American History Channels series “Gunslingers.”

Jerry was mentored in Bat’s life by Robert K. DeArment, who has written two books about Bat’s life as well as several articles.

The meeting will be held in the Livestock Exchange Building.